Wednesday December 9, 2015
Location: Olympia Auditorium
Start time: 7pm (doors open at 6:30)
Who: EVERYONE in Concert or Symphonic Band
**If you do not attend the concert, you will likely not pass band for the quarter. Unless there is a death in the immediate family or a natural disaster happens on your house, you should be here.
Students need to arrive by 4:00pm. The evening will proceed as follows:
4:00—Students arrive. Eat dinner. You can also change at this time, if needed.
(DiBellas Subs: student cost: $5 or you can bring your own food)
[DiBellas money needs to be in by Wednesday morning]
5:00—Symphonic Band Rehearsal with guest performers
5:30—Concert Band Rehearsal with guest performers
6:00—Middle school and SB students join on stage
6:15—Olympia School Band rehearses “A Christmas Rose”
6:30—Doors open
7:00—Concert order:
            Concert Band
            MS Concert Band
            Symphonic Band
            6-12 Band
Concert Dress: BLACK
Men—Black shirt with buttons all the way down, no jeans, black socks, sneakers not recommended.
Women—Black (nice) shirt, black dress pants or skirt or dress (should wear tights or leggings if the skirt or dress is above the knee)
Questions? Email me at, use the Remind app or call 966-5175

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